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3.The Higher
5.Highway 101
6.Hilary Duff
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Kaci Brown > Albums & Lyrics

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Instigator Album
  1. Unbelievable
  2. Instigator
  3. Cadillac Hotel
  4. Body Language
  5. The Waltz
  6. SOS
  7. My Baby
  8. You Fool
  9. Make You Love Me
  10. Thank You
Over The Past Year, I've been In A Diverging Process.
Maturing From An Inexperienced Child To Somewhat Of An Inculpable Young Woman. I Have Somehow Managed To Find Confidence & Contentment Within Myself...

Confidence Is What You Have When You Don't Really Understand The Situation
I Love The Thought Of Thinking

I Feel Inconceivably Incompetent To Live Up To My Own Expectations.
Sometimes I Have An Unbearable Sense Of Uncertainty.
I'm Blessed With Opportunities People Only Dream Of.
I'm Scared But Prepared...
Music Is My Life - I'm Readily & Deeply Committed

My Life Is Uncharted Territory... My Music Reveals Its Story One Song At A Time.
Story... (brief)
I Started Singing In Diapers With A Wooden Spoon. For Real! My First Performance Was At Age Three. I Grew Up In Sulphur Springs, Texas, Listening To Every Genre Of Music. Inspired & Encouraged By Many Supportive People, My Dreams Never Seemed Impossible. By The Age Of Ten, After Winning The Title Of "Little Miss Texas Grand Talent," I Performed Every Weekend All Across Texas. ***

**For The Following Year, I Did A Little Soul Searching. In The Mean Time Fate Stepped In and here I am.
This Is Me...
I Can't Wait To Share My Music, My Life, & My Love.


Analyzing Myself-
I Adore...
The Smell Of Coffee
Soulful Voices
Low-rise Jeans
Lip Gloss
Blow Pops
Dr. Pepper
Purple Anything
Sleeping In On A Rainy Day
Text Messages
Boys With Guitars
Boys In General
Random Letters
Random Anything
Hugs & I Love Yous

I <3 U

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